4G x 4G - 4 Græske Vine og 4 Græske Tærter

arrangeret af Oinofilia

Start: Onsdag d. 13-05-2015 kl. 17:00
Slut: Onsdag d. 13-05-2015 kl. 20:00

Vinsmagning arrangeret af 4G x 4G - 4 Græske Vine og 4 Græske Tærter

Tema: Drop-in Smagning

Græsk Smag and Oinofilia unite their Greek specialities and forces for a first event "4Gx4G", Wednesday, May 13.

Here you can taste 4 Greek pies with 4 Greek wine as to experience how the Greek wine complement the great pies and the other way around.

The pies are handmade in Greece by a small and specialised producer and brought to Denmark exclusively by Græsk Smag. You will not find pies better than this, neither in Greece nor Denmark!

The wines are a selection of the growing portfolio of Oinofilia, a specialty wine importer focusing solely importing high-quality wines from the smaller-medium organic Greek wineries.

The event costs DKK 150.00 per participant and is held as a drop-in event, meaning you come when it fits you, between 5 and 8 PM. The expected duration of the tasting will be approximately 1-1.5 hours.

All participants will be given a ticket ("klippekort") when they arrive as to make sure all go through all the taste experiences.

Link til smagning: https://billetto.dk/da/graesksmag-oinofilia-1305


København V


Antal vine 4
Mad 4 Græske Tærter
Pris 150 kr.

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Græsk Smag
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